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Depending on the issue, we can either fix your issue on-site, or pick it up and return it back to you fully repaired. Please see below for a list of relevant issues we can repair.

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Brands We Repair

We can provide wide range of repairs for your laptop including replacement screens, electrical component repairs or a new laptop motherboard. Brands we repair HP, Dell, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, and Sony.

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Laptop repairs we commonly deal with and fix every day:

Unstable, laptop turns on then shuts down at random, can’t detect hard drive, CD/DVD drive or wireless device. CPU, memory, keyboard, touchpad failure. If no issues with hardware item most likely Northbridge Chipset or I/O controller replacement will be required

Liquid or power surge has caused serious damage to your laptop then you will probably be looking at having to replace he motherboard. 9 times out 10 data on hard drive can be salvaged.

Laptop overheating and shutting down, heat is the enemy of electrical components. If a cooling fan stops working or too much dust gets trapped inside the ventilation system, the processor will run at a higher temperature. When the temperature threshold has been reached, the processor will shut down immediately to prevent heat damage. Akwide recommends a delicate but thorough cleaning to remedy this situation and if required a replacement fan.

Broken / cracked laptop screen / touch screen – LCD / Screen replacement required.

Laptop will turn on but display very dark, hard to see image on laptop screen, Laptop LCD backlight/inverter replacement.

Turn on laptop and no display, abnormal display, irregular lines on screen, graphics chipset needs replaced, GPU repair/replacement 

A broken or worn-out hinge can be the result of physical damage to the laptop or simple wear and tear over time. Either way, we can fix this issue. Hinge replacement is a common repair and we stock hinge assemblies for most major brands.

No power to laptop at all, no power indicator light – check power adaptor first otherwise if power pin broken or loose, DC jack repair or replacement required.

We also provide repairs for Laptop USB Ports not working and Laptop LAN Port not working.If more than one of your USB ports is not working (unless physically damaged) there is a good chance this will be a software issue. Possible solution if unable to resolve through antivirus detection. Data backup and operating system recovery.

Spilled liquid on Laptop, Laptop liquid damage, Laptop won’t turn on or Laptop keyboard not working. Depending on volume of liquid spilled a new keyboard may resolve the problem or worst case scenario motherboard needs to be replaced. Very good chance any data will be intact and unaffected.

Missing keys or damaged keyboard. Keyboard not responding, some keys on keyboard are not working or spilled drink on keyboard. Try connecting external usb keyboard this will isolate issue. If external keyboard works then either loose connection or keyboard needs to be replaced, no response with usb keyboard potential motherboard fault.

With regards to missing keys, if we don’t have the individual keys for your particular model, new keyboard required, spilled drink usually means keyboard damage.

If you are receiving any of the following messages or your hard drive is extremely slow when starting up then there is a good chance your hard drive has either bad (damaged) sectors which are preventing the system from booting properly or mechanically it has completely failed.

“Check cable connection!”, “No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key”. “Boot device not found”, “The hard disk has detected an imminent failure”.

We can replace or upgrade your hard drive and there is a good chance we can recover your data depending on the extent to which the drive is damaged. This also applies to external drives, if you are receiving no power or no flashing of indicator lights to the device then there is a good chance the power connector has failed or the usb port is faulty.

We can provide solutions for any virus or malware issues, if we are unable to gain access or resolve through normal troubleshooting methods we can carry out a clean recovery of windows.

This involves making a backup of your requested data. Formatting (erasing) the hard drive,  reinstallation of windows and restoration of your data. We will also install a 30 day trial copy of eset smart secutiy antivirus software and educate you on general housekeeping and how to avoid similar issues in the future thus giving you a better understanding on how to use your computer more safely.  

Laptop cracked case / top case / LCD cover / bezel will require a new casing or refurbished condition if available.

If you feel your laptop is beyond repair and the cost of a new laptop is not affordable,  we can also provide a wide range of quality refurbished laptops including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba at great prices, simply call or email us with your requirements.
We can also provide a wide range of parts including new batteries and power adaptors. 

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