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8 Top Tips To Keep Your Device Protected

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Here at AKLWide, we are happy to help with all of your laptop and computer repairs. But, when we fix your device we hope it will be the first and the last time. Of course, accidents, wear and tear and damage happens to all of us, but we hope to give you the advice that no other computer repair company will give so that you can look after and keep your device safe from harm in the future. So here are the 15 top tips to keep your device protected in the future.

1. Install Anti-Virus Software
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We know, you hear this a lot, and most of the time it goes without saying. However, you would be surprised at how many times we get called out to devices that have been ripped apart by malware and viruses. Most often than not the malware or virus could have been prevented with a simple installation or update of anti-virus software. If you are unsure of the best software out there, or even if you don’t know how to install anti-virus software, then give AKLWide a call today on 0800 020 000 to help and support you through the process. For more information on malware and viruses click here.

2. Physically Clean Your Device

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It may sound so simple, but brush off the dust, and use compressed air to clean out the USB ports and charging ports. By doing so you can potentially stop the small dust fragments from getting into the nooks and crannies of your device. When this happens it can lead to the laptop or computer overheating and other mechanical issues.

3. Back Up Your Data

Whether you have lost data because of spillage, hard drive malfunction, or motherboard defect, losing data is never easy for the user. We recommend backing up your data every week, or every day if you are working on important documents and files. If you need help in doing so then AKLWide can help point you in the right direction with how to back your data up. Read more here.

4. Update Your Software

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Another one of our top tips to keep your device protected is updating your software. Updating your software and computer or laptop on a regular basis will help stop it from hackers, viruses, or malware. Leaving the updates to build up whilst procrastination takes place can be a nightmare when you come to install the hours worth of build-ups that have been in the backlog.

5. Power Down and Restart Your Device Regularly

This is especially necessary when using your computer or laptop for a long period of time throughout the day. Restarting and powering off your device allows the system to refresh. When it comes to an older device it can also avoid overheating the computer.

6. Regularly Run A Disk Clean Up

Running a disk clean up can delete temporary files, language files, cached pages and more. It allows the computer to access more storage and gets rid of pesky files you just don’t use. We recommend doing a disk clean up at least once a month to ensure effective maintenance.

7. Keep Good Air Flow

Keeping your device, when it’s both off, on, or being used, in a place that receives good airflow is crucial to stop your device from overheating. Maintain the laptop or computer on a hard surface where the ports are free from clutter or fabric getting in the way.

8. Don’t Overcharge


As tempting as it may be to keep your laptop on charge all of the time, we highly advise against this. Keeping your device on charge can distort the battery and you’ll notice the battery drops in its ability to hold the battery. Don’t start charging your laptop until you need to.


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