Computer Repair

We cater for most computer problems and repairs, don’t see what you are after below, email or call us to find out more. We’ll be happy to discuss any issues with you and hopefully we can offer you a solution.

Common requests and symptoms we deal with every day:

Computer, laptop and any mobile, computer based devices needing setup

Your new computer or laptop needs setting up, you require your existing email, documents, photos and music  to be transferred from old computer to a new desktop or laptop as smoothly as possible, setup or install a new printer.  You may also be using some other software essential to your day to day use, no problem we can advise you on transferring  existing programs like Office, MYOB or Cashbooks etc or perhaps you wish to upgrade everything in line with what is available. We can also recommend best options for backups and antivirus software.  

Computer very slow

Other than a virus or malware issue, possible causes might include an internal hard drive degrading in performance (bad sectors meaning drive is physically damaged and needs to be replaced). Antivirus software that your computer is running is really too heavy and utilising too many resources, may require more memory (RAM) to compensate or if your computer is a few years old and the antivirus is the lastest version, internal hardware, i.e computers CPU (processor) may not be powerful enough. Recommendation – site visit for analysis, computer service and we can offer options for resolve.

Windows not loading

Could be a number of issues ranging from a virus problem, corrupt operating system, problem with windows updates or If extremely slow starting up possible hard drive issue, drive maybe faulting, If your system is still accessible try and backup important data, photos, music asap.

Beeping computer, no display

Most probable cause, faulty RAM or video card problem

No display or flashing screen

Attention : check video connection, no signal. There is either ran issue with your monitor or you have a faulty video card, possibly a memory (RAM) issue or worst case scenario motherboard. Try and locate another monitor to test and isolate fault.  

Computer crashing or Freezing

Unexpectedly restarts (crashes) for no apparent reason or freezes, possible hardware issue, faulty memory (RAM), bad (damaged) sectors on hard drive, faulting video card, system overheating due to dust build up and CPU fan faulty.

Windows not loading

Could be a number of issues ranging from a virus problem, corrupt operating system, problem with a windows update or If extremely slow starting up possible hard drive issue, drive maybe faulting, If unit still accessible try and backup important data/photos/music asap.

No power to computer

Press on/off switch and no lights at and no noise at all coming from pc, most likely cause faulty power supply, check power connections first, if okay power supply unit part will need to be replaced

Internet not working

Usual advice from your internet service provider will be to firstly to disconnect your modem  from the power, unplug the phone cable and leave for 30 seconds and power up again.

No joy? Check the DSL or Internet light is on and static, If you cannot see any DSL LED (light), LED may appear as a globe or simply say internet, still no joy. Try calling the support number for you service provider first, they maybe able to reset your connection.

Seems to difficult or these steps don’t highlight your problem?, internet keeps disconnecting or problems with wireless setup, Call us now to discuss further, we can arrange a technician to come on site and get things sorted out for you, worst case scenario, possible fault on the incoming line or modem faulting and needs replaced.

Email setup

Just not sure what to do?, you may want a new email account setup or existing account from your internet service provider configured  for Microsoft outlook, windows live mail, mozilla thunderbird or incredimail. Trouble understanding technical support at the end of the phone? Need existing email account and mail transferred from old computer to new laptop or setup to use on your Ipad or smartphone, we can help.

Computer blue screen (BSOD)

Your computer stops completely or intermittently ceases to function whilst in the middle of using it and a blue screen appears. At time can be difficult to pinpoint without wasting too much time, most probable cause from our experience will be a windows or driver update causing the problem, hardware problem, notably memory, video, hard drive or a. Virus or Malware issue.

 If you have enough time to jot down the error codes without the computer being stuck in a loop, you can try inputting the code through a search on google and possibly isolate the problematic area. Unable to pinpoint or resolve the issue at hand then the worst case scenario will probably entail backing up your data, rebuild and restore of system

Just need some Computer Help or Training

All completely over your head and just don’t know where to start, need some help or training call now to arrange an appointment, we will be happy to discuss your needs and put forward a solution. We can arrange someone to come on-site to your house or home and sit down with you, the technician can answer all your questions and explain things at a level that you are comfortable with. We promise that when we leave you will feel far more confident.

Computer service – preventative maintenance

Finding your computer has slowed down, takes a while to start up, your finding it has reduced in performance since you first started using it, might be time for a overall clean or “tune up”.

Removal of any temporary files or software/programs using up unnecessary space on your hard drive. We can reconfigure your computer to respond a lot quicker when starting up, check the system security for any virus or malware activity and offer you advice on maintaining your system for the future including tools already available within the operating system, advice on updates and what to avoid when surfing the internet, checking your email.

Computer parts, software & accessories

Require a new computer system, laptop, Ipad, new printer, upgrade of Windows or Office, simply call to discuss. We can also offer a large range of laptop batteries, keyboards and even reconditioned equipment, including excellent condition ex-lease branded  laptops and small form factor desktop units.